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Tippy Tipper (Tip Calculator)

Tippy Tipper was my first (and open source) Android application. I created a very simple but useful application to break myself into the Android SDK. I recommend this idea to any new Android developers: that they choose a very simple idea so they will be certain to succeed in releasing their first Android app. Then they can expand to something more difficult in their next app. I also wrote some of my (now dated) thoughts on what I learned from Tippy Tipper here.

More details about the application and download links can be found here

Car Dashboard

Car Dashboard was my second Android application, but my first really challenging one. It solved a real life problem of mine: I wanted to reduce the number of interactions with my phone when driving while also providing relevant information to the task at hand. I wanted to be warned about my speed limit, know which street I was on and have large, easy to tap buttons to get to my relevant driving apps (music, podcasts, direct dial contacts, Google Maps, etc.). I was the first developer to mix these features together in the Play Store and the application has been quite succesful because of them. Car Dashboard taught me a great deal about handling GPS and reverse geocoding, web API calls, background threads, and even some Android OS home launcher code that I had to disect to understand how home launcher shortcuts worked.

More details about the application and download links can be found here

radio reddit for Android

radio reddit for Android was my third Android application and second open source application. After beta testing the iOS version (of which this is a port of), I became interested in the radio reddit project and volunteered some of my free time to help with the Android application. The application lets you listen to the website's live streams and top charts, all of which are user submitted songs whose popularity (how often they're played on air) is determined by the up or down votes of listeners. I really enjoyed working on this application as I was able to explore more of the Android SDK in dealing with streaming live music with the MediaPlayer class (and its lovely state machine), integrating with reddit and radio reddit's APIs, using a background service and notifications, downloading songs with the DownloadManager class and designing the application with the new Holo UI design pattern (with much thanks to ActionBarSherlock).

More details about the application and download links can be found here


SouthData's Android application was the first Android application I wrote for my employer. It was a combination of all my independent Android experience into an application that could be useful to my employer's clients. The application lets users track their orders, view and approve their proofs, and view invoices. This application is mostly built with Android fragments and includes a tablet version.

More details about the application and download links can be found here


Portfolio website

You're looking at it! I originally wrote this site in HTML5/CSS and then ported it into an ASP.NET web application.

Personal blog

I've been maintaining a personal blog since cira 2002. It originally started as a customized Newspro (really old CGI/Perl news/blogging software) and in 2007 I converted it to a WordPress (PHP blogging software).

Family Tree Wiki

I have an interest in researching my family tree, so I created a simple MediaWiki (PHP wiki software) website to keep track of information I've found about my family.

radio reddit 2.0

I'm a member of the radio reddit developer team and came up with this design for the new radio reddit website. The website is written in Python running on the Pyramid framework. It's currently in active development and will be open sourced later.

SouthData, Inc.

SouthData's marketing website

SouthData's client website

SouthData's eStatements website

SouthData's SecureArchive website

I've worked on a number of internal and external websites for my employer SouthData, Inc. with a small team of web programmers. For example, SouthData has a marketing website, a client website (for placing orders and maintaining products), an eStatements website, a document searching website and others. These websites are mostly written in C#, ASP.NET WebForms or MVC, and jQuery/JavaScript. I also helped write and maintain a WCF web API called SmartConnect for software clients to connect to SouthData and place orders via their software. An API document can be found here.

Other Projects

3D Tetris

For my computer graphics class in college, I wrote a 3D Tetris game in C++ and OpenGL. Some more info and download links can be found here.