A brief web version of my résumé. You can also view a version on StackOverflow Careers. For a full résumé, please email me.


Languages: C#, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, Razor, Java, SQL, LINQ, PHP
Systems: Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Windows Azure, Android, Ubuntu
Applications: Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP
Technologies: ASP.NET, .NET, Web Forms, MVC, WCF, MSSQL/SQL Server 2008, ADO.NET Entity Framework, MySQL, SQLite, JSON, IIS6/7, Apache, SVN, Android SDK, Jenkins CI, MSTest, JUnit, WordPress
Additional: French (intermediate), Spanish (basic), read and play music

Work Experience

Mandaria Software January 2010 - Present

Started my own business developing and selling Android applications and have generated approximately $5K/year revenue by releasing free reduced functionality applications with full functionality purchase options. All applications use an in-house ad system I developed to cross promote each other.

  • Car Dashboard, using Java, Android, ActionBarSherlock, and SQLite. Helps drivers stay focused on the road instead of their phone. Includes speedometer, speed alerts, current heading / location / weather / altitude, and custom shortcuts to apps. Downloaded by over 250,000 users and localized into 10 languages.
  • radio reddit for Android, using Java, Android, ActionBarSherlock, and SQLite. I ported the iOS application to stream live radio stations from radioreddit.com with features such as show currently playing, download songs, and top charts. Uses reddit.com and radioreddit.com APIs. Open source, downloaded by over 4,000 users, and localized into 9 languages.
  • Tippy Tipper, using Java, Android, ActionBarSherlock, and JUnit. It was the first application I developed with the primary goal to learn the Android SDK. It is a simple tipping calculator, open source, and has been downloaded by over 90,000 users.

SouthData, Inc. May 2009 – Present

SouthData is a billing, printing, and imaging solutions company servicing over 8000 clients. My responsibilities have included updating software applications to current software platforms in addition to the design and development of new websites and systems for the printing and billing services.

Programmer Analyst, May 2011 - present
Added sites and services, added new ordering types and methods, upgraded existing software to integrate from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET from 2.0 to 4.0

  • Developed and implemented a major upgrade for the source control software from an outdated version to a current version (from Visual Source Safe to Subversion). This upgrade implemented branches from the current production version to development versions, allowing work to continue in both production and development branches and enabling different branches/versions of software that were tailored to specific client needs.
  • Developed and implemented enhanced search capabilities for full text searches of documents using customized indexes to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented an Android application enabling SouthData clients to track orders, view / approve proofs, and view invoices. Application uses Android fragments to enable both phone and tablet layouts.
  • Member of a three person team developing a website to manage ROI’s (Request of Information) with features such as uploading / scanning documents, managing requests, requestors, entities, users and roles, and document editing with version history. I also developed the UI, improved user workflow, and developed better error handling routines.
  • Developed and implemented a SouthData conference website that showed conference speaker info, event dates, and event registration with online payments. The website managed nine conference events per year.

Programmer, May 2009 – May 2011

  • Developed and implemented updates / new features on the client website including major revisions to improve the UI for ordering and uploading data files, an integral message area management system for color statements and an online payment system with a shopping cart.
  • Led creation and design of a WCF API service with a four person team. API allowed software vendors including TOPS, Smartwebs, and AtHomeNet to connect to SouthData and place orders with their data files. Also provided technical support to other programmers integrating with the service.
  • Member of a three person team that developed and implemented SouthData’s primary marketing website including new features such as account registration, HTML5 marketing videos, and a dynamic holiday calendar.
  • Maintained eStatement website by responding to support tickets which was used by approximately 100,000 users/statement recipients.
  • Developed visual reports and graphs for SouthData’s sales, customer service, production, and finance departments using various SQL queries and graphing tools such as Google Maps, HighCharts / HighStocks and Dundas Charts.
  • Created an email listserv system allowing for SouthData’s sales/customer service teams to send out emails to all of SouthData’s users.
  • Designed and developed a website for viewing application error stack traces that all SouthData applications recorded into a database table. This enabled all SouthData programmers to easily read the stack traces in a more presentable format.
  • Designed and developed web blog for company CEO’s personal aviation trips. Created a Google Map widget of each point in the world of where he flew his plane, based on geo-tagged blog posts.
  • Developed and maintained a core class library to reduce duplicated code and handle common functionality between applications.
  • Wrote SQL report queries for sales, customer service, management and production, performed universal changes on tables, designed and created new database structures for new systems, wrote and modified stored procedures for common tasks, created indexes on tables for improving query performance and created full text indexes for full text searching

Network Dynamics, Inc. summers and winter breaks May 2006 - December 2008

Network Dynamics provides IT support, hardware, and software repair in the Pilot Mountain, NC area.

Programmer Contractor, May ‘08 – Aug ‘08, Dec ‘08
Contract assignment to SouthData for them to evaluate me as a potential employee. Responsibilities included learning their framework and web structure, and providing website maintenance support.

Computer Technician, May ‘06 - Aug ‘06, Dec ‘06, May ’07 – Aug ’07, Dec ‘07
Responsibilities included repairing hardware, trouble shooting desktop and network issues, and performing server administration and data backups.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, History Minor, 3.22 GPA May 2009
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Member of the UNC Marching Band drumline all four years and performed at football games, basketball games, and other varsity sport events.

Other Activities

  • Established a French Meetup group in January 2012 with weekly meetings / activities to encourage the learning and practice of speaking French.
  • Participate in a yearly bowling league.
  • Active runner participating in 5K competitions.
  • Moderator of Android Enthusiasts StackExchange