King, Linda McHone

Birth Name King, Linda McHone
Gramps ID I0103
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McHone, James Fredrick [I0081]
Mother McHone, Lola Creasman [I0097]
    Sister     Massey, Ruth Ellen McHone [I0098]
    Sister     Creed, Shirley Jean McHone [I0099]
    Brother     McHone, James Fredrick Jr. [I0100]
    Sister     Simmons, Lillie Mae Mchone [I0101]
    Brother     McHone, Roger Dale [I0102]
         King, Linda McHone [I0103]
    Sister     Duggins, Pamela Lee McHone [I0104]


    Family of King, Larry and King, Linda McHone [F0044]
Unknown Partner King, Larry [I0165]
  1. Sugg, Christopher [I0166]


  1. McHone, James Fredrick [I0081]
    1. McHone, Lola Creasman [I0097]
      1. Massey, Ruth Ellen McHone [I0098]
      2. Creed, Shirley Jean McHone [I0099]
      3. McHone, Roger Dale [I0102]
      4. King, Linda McHone
        1. King, Larry [I0165]
          1. Sugg, Christopher [I0166]
      5. Duggins, Pamela Lee McHone [I0104]
      6. McHone, James Fredrick Jr. [I0100]
      7. Simmons, Lillie Mae Mchone [I0101]