Creed, Shirley Jean McHone

Birth Name Creed, Shirley Jean McHone
Gramps ID I0099
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McHone, James Fredrick [I0081]
Mother McHone, Lola Creasman [I0097]
    Sister     Massey, Ruth Ellen McHone [I0098]
         Creed, Shirley Jean McHone [I0099]
    Brother     McHone, James Fredrick Jr. [I0100]
    Sister     Simmons, Lillie Mae Mchone [I0101]
    Brother     McHone, Roger Dale [I0102]
    Sister     King, Linda McHone [I0103]
    Sister     Duggins, Pamela Lee McHone [I0104]


    Family of Creed, Perry and Creed, Shirley Jean McHone [F0031]
Unknown Partner Creed, Perry [I0127]
  1. Hill, Sandra Creed [I0128]
  2. Hurst, Lisa Creed [I0129]


  1. McHone, James Fredrick [I0081]
    1. McHone, Lola Creasman [I0097]
      1. Massey, Ruth Ellen McHone [I0098]
      2. Creed, Shirley Jean McHone
        1. Creed, Perry [I0127]
          1. Hill, Sandra Creed [I0128]
          2. Hurst, Lisa Creed [I0129]
      3. McHone, Roger Dale [I0102]
      4. King, Linda McHone [I0103]
      5. Duggins, Pamela Lee McHone [I0104]
      6. McHone, James Fredrick Jr. [I0100]
      7. Simmons, Lillie Mae Mchone [I0101]