Pack, Roby 1

Birth Name Pack, Roby
Gramps ID I0256
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Pack, William Fulcher (Dink) [I0254]
Mother Thomas, Mattie Florence [I0255]
         Pack, Roby [I0256]
    Brother     Pack, William Gordon [I0258]
    Brother     Pack, Guilford [I0257]
    Sister     Pack, Rada Elizabeth [I0259]
    Sister     Pack, Delphia Taymer [I0260]
    Sister     Pack, Cora Alice [I0261]
    Sister     McHone, Mary Virgina Pack [I0051]


    Family of Pack, Roby and Hicks, Lula May [F0084]
Unknown Partner Hicks, Lula May [I0265]
  1. Pack, Archie [I0266]
  2. Pack, Wayne [I0268]
  3. Pack, Roger [I0269]
  4. Pack, Ray [I0267]
  5. Pack, Bruce [I0270]


  1. Pack, William Fulcher (Dink) [I0254]
    1. Thomas, Mattie Florence [I0255]
      1. Pack, Roby
        1. Hicks, Lula May [I0265]
          1. Pack, Archie [I0266]
          2. Pack, Ray [I0267]
          3. Pack, Wayne [I0268]
          4. Pack, Roger [I0269]
          5. Pack, Bruce [I0270]
      2. Pack, Guilford [I0257]
      3. Pack, William Gordon [I0258]
      4. Pack, Rada Elizabeth [I0259]
      5. Pack, Delphia Taymer [I0260]
      6. Pack, Cora Alice [I0261]
      7. McHone, Mary Virgina Pack [I0051]


Source References

  1. Interview with Carol Ann Horton [S0005]