Pack, Virginia 1a

Birth Name Pack, Virginia
Gramps ID I0290
Gender female


    Family of Pack, William and Pack, Virginia [F0083]
Unknown Partner Pack, William [I0289]
  1. Pack, Haley [I0262]
  2. Pack, “Sis” [I0263]
  3. Pack, Jim [I0264]
  4. Pack, William Fulcher (Dink) [I0254]


    1. Pack, Virginia
      1. Pack, William [I0289]
        1. Pack, William Fulcher (Dink) [I0254]
        2. Pack, Haley [I0262]
        3. Pack, “Sis” [I0263]
        4. Pack, Jim [I0264]

Source References

  1. William F. Pack [S0015]
      • Page: Reference ID: 30034 GS Film number: 1926902 Name: William F. Pack