Pack, Jim 1

Birth Name Pack, Jim
Gramps ID I0264
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Pack, William [I0289]
Stepmother Pack, Virginia [I0290]
    Half-brother     Pack, William Fulcher (Dink) [I0254]
    Half-sister     Pack, Haley [I0262]
    Half-sister     Pack, “Sis” [I0263]
         Pack, Jim [I0264] (Birth, Stepchild)


Half-brother to William (Dink) Pack. Jim lived near Flat Rock when Carol Ann Horton was young, but later moved to Ivanhoe, VA


  1. Pack, William [I0289]
    1. Pack, Virginia [I0290]
      1. Pack, Haley [I0262]
      2. Pack, “Sis” [I0263]
      3. Pack, Jim
      4. Pack, William Fulcher (Dink) [I0254]


Source References

  1. Interview with Carol Ann Horton [S0005]