Easter, Arnold William Jr. 1 2 3

Birth Name Easter, Arnold William Jr.
Gramps ID I0052
Gender male
Age at Death 33 years, 1 month, 26 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0030] 1942-02-05   Born in North Carolina, USA
1 2
Death [E0031] 1975-04-02 Mount Airy, NC Motorcycle accident, Apr. 2, 1975 , Mount Airy. Surry County, North Carolina, USA
1 2


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Stepfather McHone, Warren Harding [I0050]
Mother McHone, Mary Virgina Pack [I0051]
         Easter, Arnold William Jr. [I0052] (Stepchild, Birth)
    Half-sister     Barber, Glenda Gayle McHone [I0053]
    Half-brother     McHone, Garland Warren [I0054]
    Half-sister     DeHart, Mary Ann McHone [I0055]
    Half-brother     McHone, Gary Wayne [I0056]
    Half-brother     McHone, Donnie Lee [I0057]
    Half-sister     Denny, Donita Charlene McHone [I0002]
Father Easter, Arnold Sr. [I0058]
Mother McHone, Mary Virgina Pack [I0051]
         Easter, Arnold William Jr. [I0052]


    Family of Easter, Arnold William Jr. and Easter, Evie Lou McRoberts [F0013]
Unknown Partner Easter, Evie Lou McRoberts [I0059]



Arnold never lived with the other siblings. Warren looked down on him as his stepchild.


  1. McHone, Warren Harding [I0050]
    1. McHone, Mary Virgina Pack [I0051]
      1. Denny, Donita Charlene McHone [I0002]
      2. Barber, Glenda Gayle McHone [I0053]
      3. McHone, Garland Warren [I0054]
      4. DeHart, Mary Ann McHone [I0055]
      5. McHone, Gary Wayne [I0056]
      6. McHone, Donnie Lee [I0057]
      7. Easter, Arnold William Jr.
        1. Easter, Evie Lou McRoberts [I0059]


Source References

  1. Interview with Donita Denny [S0001]
  2. Grave of Arnold William Easter and Evie Lou McRoberts Easter [S0009]
  3. Interview with Carol Ann Horton [S0005]