Sparrow, Donna Tesh

Birth Name Sparrow, Donna Tesh
Gramps ID I0107
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Massey, Curtis [I0105]
Mother Massey, Ruth Ellen McHone [I0098]
    Brother     McHone, Steve [I0106]
         Sparrow, Donna Tesh [I0107]
    Brother     Tesh, David [I0108]
    Sister     Inman, Sheila Tesh [I0109]
    Brother     Tesh, Johnny [I0110]
    Sister     Staley, Cindy Tesh [I0111]
    Brother     Massey, Curtis Jr. [I0112]


    Family of Sparrow, Tommy and Sparrow, Donna Tesh [F0026]
Unknown Partner Sparrow, Tommy [I0115]
  1. Sparrow, Ashley [I0116]


  1. Massey, Curtis [I0105]
    1. Massey, Ruth Ellen McHone [I0098]
      1. McHone, Steve [I0106]
      2. Sparrow, Donna Tesh
        1. Sparrow, Tommy [I0115]
          1. Sparrow, Ashley [I0116]
      3. Tesh, David [I0108]
      4. Inman, Sheila Tesh [I0109]
      5. Tesh, Johnny [I0110]
      6. Staley, Cindy Tesh [I0111]
      7. Massey, Curtis Jr. [I0112]