Beck, Harvey 1

Birth Name Beck, Harvey
Gramps ID I0044
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death [E0109] 1941-12-00   Dec 1941 when died


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Beck, Escar (Esker?) F. [I0038]
Mother Beck, Maggie Bennett [I0039]
    Sister     Beck, Emmett [I0040]
    Brother     Beck, Alvin [I0041]
    Brother     Beck, Claude [I0042]
    Brother     Beck, Posie (Posey?) [I0043]
    Sister     Heath, Mae Beck [I0045]
    Sister     Matlock, Ruby Beck [I0046]
    Sister     Denny, Nonnie Bell Beck [I0015]
    Sister     Fulk, Colene Beck [I0047]
    Sister     Key, Alene Beck [I0048]
         Beck, Harvey [I0044]
    Sister     Beck, Opal [I0049]


  1. Beck, Escar (Esker?) F. [I0038]
    1. Beck, Maggie Bennett [I0039]
      1. Denny, Nonnie Bell Beck [I0015]
      2. Beck, Alvin [I0041]
      3. Beck, Claude [I0042]
      4. Beck, Posie (Posey?) [I0043]
      5. Beck, Harvey
      6. Heath, Mae Beck [I0045]
      7. Matlock, Ruby Beck [I0046]
      8. Fulk, Colene Beck [I0047]
      9. Beck, Opal [I0049]
      10. Beck, Emmett [I0040]
      11. Key, Alene Beck [I0048]


Source References

  1. Interview with Donita Denny [S0001]