Hunt, Oscar 1a

Birth Name Hunt, Oscar
Gramps ID I0319
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death [E0230]      


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hunt, Charlie Edmond [I0304]
Mother Ashburn, Nela Anne [I0305]
    Sister     Campbell, Lillie Hunt [I0303]
    Sister     Palmer, Mozelle Hunt [I0314]
    Sister     Stewart, Etta Hunt [I0315]
    Sister     Allen, Ida Hunt [I0316]
    Sister     Branon, Pauline Hunt [I0317]
    Brother     Hunt, Hoy [I0318]
         Hunt, Oscar [I0319]


  1. Hunt, Charlie Edmond [I0304]
    1. Ashburn, Nela Anne [I0305]
      1. Campbell, Lillie Hunt [I0303]
      2. Palmer, Mozelle Hunt [I0314]
      3. Stewart, Etta Hunt [I0315]
      4. Allen, Ida Hunt [I0316]
      5. Branon, Pauline Hunt [I0317]
      6. Hunt, Hoy [I0318]
      7. Hunt, Oscar


Source References

  1. Grave of Leoma Guy Campbell and Lillie Mae Hunt Campbell (and Lillie's obituary) [S0034]
      • Page: Grave; ref# 96630921