McHone, James A.

Birth Name McHone, James A.
Gramps ID I0135
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McHone, James Fredrick Jr. [I0100]
Mother McHone, Sigrun Meyrer [I0133]
    Sister     Marshall, Mary Ann McHone [I0134]
         McHone, James A. [I0135]
    Sister     Lanham, Diane E McHone [I0136]


    Family of McHone, James A. and McHone, Karen [F0036]
Unknown Partner McHone, Karen [I0141]


  1. McHone, James Fredrick Jr. [I0100]
    1. McHone, Sigrun Meyrer [I0133]
      1. Marshall, Mary Ann McHone [I0134]
      2. McHone, James A.
        1. McHone, Karen [I0141]
      3. Lanham, Diane E McHone [I0136]