Family of McHone, Warren Harding and McHone, Mary Virgina Pack 1


Married Husband McHone, Warren Harding [I0050]
Married Wife McHone, Mary Virgina Pack [I0051]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0029] 1946-06-26 York, SC Married in York, SC
  1. Denny, Donita Charlene McHone [I0002]
  2. Barber, Glenda Gayle McHone [I0053]
  3. McHone, Garland Warren [I0054]
  4. DeHart, Mary Ann McHone [I0055]
  5. McHone, Gary Wayne [I0056]
  6. McHone, Donnie Lee [I0057]
  7. Easter, Arnold William Jr. [I0052]

Source References

  1. Interview with Donita Denny [S0001]