Family of Denny, Albert Kester and Denny, Anna Mae Campbell 1


Married Husband Denny, Albert Kester [I0029]
Married Wife Denny, Anna Mae Campbell [I0030]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0119] 1922-12-24    
  1. Denny, Albert Ray [I0014]
  2. Denny, Annie Mae [I0031]
  3. Denny, Minnie Lee [I0032]
  4. Denny, Johnny Paul [I0033]
  5. Denny, Etta Viola [I0034]
  6. Denny, Agnes Helen [I0035]
  7. Denny, Sampson Gray [I0036]
  8. Denny, Marvin Eugene [I0037]

Source References

  1. Interview with Donita Denny [S0001]